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Moving ahead, the Trust has taken initiative and has fulfilled a long felt need of the villagers of Arjunabettahalli and neighbouring villages by inaugurating a free, daily medical facility with qualified doctors and distribution of free medicines. Sri Vaidyanarayana Medical Centre, a free primary health care facility in the premises of the Trust, was inaugurated on the 13th of October 2014. Since then free medical treatment is being provided on a daily basis to all needy persons.This is certainly a creditable milestone in the annals of the Trust, considering that it has been achieved within one year of inauguration of the Trust buildings.

A facility to provide Panchakarma treatment to the residents has also been inaugurated.

Dr. Seetharamaiah, BAMS, is doing a commendable job with his attitude of service, with sincerity and commitment. He is able assisted by Shri. Shiva Shankar who is taking care of the diagnostic requirements.

Inauguration of Sri Vaidyanarayana Medical Centre – free daily medical dispensary – 13/10/2014

Inauguration of Panchakarma treatment facility