The trust has excuted the services will effect from May 2017 in different villages comes under Gollahalli Panchayat viz expansion of village roads, street lights overhead water tanks , playground & park , library books & building for water purification plant. Besides , the trust has provided clothes , food materials & medicines to the flood effected areas of Chennai in December 2015

Several developmental activities have been taken up by the Trust in fulfilling its objective of village development.
1. The narrow approach road has been widened and repaired for a distance of about 1/2 km. and the storm water drain repaired
2. A piece of land earmarked by the government for the activities of the villagers is being developed with permission, as a play ground for children and a place for walking and relaxation for the elderly in the village
3. A few local villagers have been provided employment at the Service Centre of the Trust
4. Local youth groups have volunteered to render service at the Centre
5. Free coaching classes to children of the village (all grades) are being held
6. Empowering women through vocational training
a. Free tailoring classes are held for women at the premises of the Service Centre. About 30 women have enrolled for the six month course, at the end of which they will be given proficiency certificates along with sewing machines
b. A four day workshop on Medicinal plants & Primary health care in collaboration with The Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicines held at the premises of the Service Centre of the Trust for the women of Arjunabettahalli and neighbouring villages.

Future Proposal

The trust has received a request proposal from village Hyadalu . A building for water purifier and installation of water purifier machines which will be executed by February 2017.