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Dr. A.V. Srinivasan

The author of the Trust, Dr. A.V. Srinivasan, a tax consultant by profession, had a successful career in New Delhi. At the behest of Bhagawan Dr Sathya Sai Baba he had moved to Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh, a spiritual abode. Leading a celibate life, he imparts spiritual touch to the lives of persons who come to meet him. He is uncomplicated and lucid in explaining the innumerable queries raised by people in Satsang; the answers and revelations many a time may even baffle and confound people, but they would innately agree with the apt and the eternal ring tones of truth, contained in the answers. The transformation though imperceptible is inescapable.

Dr. A.V. Srinivasan had written a few philosophical books based on the direct communication from Bhagawan on Vedas and Vedantas. From his childhood days, Dr. A.V. Srinivasan was a devotee of Bhagawan; he had visited the spiritual abode of Bhagawan and had participated in many seva activities. In the past two decades he has undertaken seva activities in the areas of medical camp, food and clothes distribution, installation of cold water tanks and distribution of tricycles to the physically challenged persons.

Dr. A.V. Srinivasan was personally under the guidance of Bhagawan since his childhood and he had several interviews. In many of his interviews with Bhagawan, Bhagawan always motivated him on the path of social service. In his last group interview with Bhagawan in October 2009, Bhagawan had advised him to undertake a project in a rural locality of Karnataka, where the project should focus on the ‘personality of a person’ (as mentioned earlier in the background of forming this trust), to facilitate and enhance the living conditions and quality of the lives of the people.

He was directed by Bhagawan in this connection, regarding the formation of the trust, and when and where to operate the project. The time has come, and the team and the mission to undertake and carry out the objectives successfully and to spread the mission of Bhagawan – as instructed by Bhagawan, and as envisioned by Dr. A.v. Srinivasan – is now ready.