Easwaramma Day: Birthday of Bhagawan Baba’s mother. This is celebrated all over the world in Sathya Sai circles as Balavikas day and Women’s day. At the Kaivalya Sannidhana Service Centre it was decided to hold a workshop on empowering women through vocational training. on this occasion Smt. Susheelamma of Sumangali Sevashram was invited as Chief Guest. Smt. Susheelamma gave an inspiring guest lecture assuring us further help, guidance and support in our mission. Smt. Akkamahadevi, Panchayat President, Smt. Shobha Bhat of Nagarjuna Vidya Nikethana, and Smt. Jayanthi of the Taluk Panchayat also graced the occasion and inspired everyone with their motivating talks.